There are various ways of how to get to Bratislava. If you applied to have an erasmus buddy, ask him/her for pick up at the bus/train station or at the airport, in case you require assistance.

By car

Bratislava is located in the south-west part of Slovakia. Almost all freeways in Slovakia are toll roads (freewyays within Bratislava city are free), and in order to use them, you need to buy an electronic vignette. Make sure to double-check entered licence plate number before payment. If you are coming to Bratislava from Austria or Hungary, alternative (non-toll) roads can be used. If you go by car to the city centre, don't park on reserved parking spots, and respect local parking policy. Remember that there is basically no free parking in the city centre on workdays until 4pm.

By plane

Bratislava has its own airport, with regular lines to many countries:

  • Belgium (Brussels-Charleroi),
  • Czech Republic (Prague),
  • Germany (Berlin-Schönefeld),
  • Greece (Athens),
  • Ireland (Dublin),
  • Israel (Eilat-Ovda),
  • Italy (Milan-Bergamo, Rome–Ciampino),
  • Macedonia (Skopje),
  • Russia (Moscow-Vnukovo),
  • Serbia (Nis),
  • Spain (Barcelona-Gerona, Madrid),
  • UK (Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester),
  • Ukraine (Kyjv),
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Vienna airport (Schwechat) is less than hour away from Bratislava (depending on traffic). There are various bus comanies operating lines from Vienna airport to Bratislava, like RegioJet or SlovakLines.

By train

There are many train connections to Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Hungary. If you arrive by train, please be aware of overpriced taxi drivers waiting for foreigners at the train station. If you need to use taxi, make sure to negotiate price for your ride to your destination before entering the taxi! 


By bus

Main bus station is located at Mlynské nivy. Some bus companies however end at bus stop Nový most. Make sure to check to which station you arrive!