Bratislava's public city transportation (buses, trams, trolley buses)

One-time tickets

If you don't use public city transportation that often, or you don't have an ISIC, you can get a one-time ticket. Price of the ticket varies by the length of your journey. If you have an ISIC card issued by your Slovak university, you're eleigible for discounted tickets.

  1. Find out how long will it take for you to get to your destination (you can use route planner IMHD)
  2. Locate a self-service kiosk
  3. Select your ticket accordingly to your journey jength. If you have an ISIC card issued by your Slovak university, select a ticket with the cheaper price (50% of the full price), otherwise buy the standard ticket.
  4. Pay for your ticket. Please, be aware that it takes some time for tickets to get printed (not great, if you're in the hurry).

Prepaid tickets

if you use public city transportation on daily basis, it is cheaper to buy a prepaid ticket. If you have an ISIC card from your Slovak university, visit one of the city transportation offices, and buy a prepaid ticket (electronically stored on your ISIC card).
If you don't have an ISIC card, you will be requested to provide an ID-format photograph of yourself, confirmation of your study in Slovak language. and pay small fee for public city transportation card.
Keep in mind that your prepaid ticket is valid only in Bratislava, and not other cities!

Prices (updated in september 2017)

  student under 26 non-student / student over 26
7 days 5.20 € 10.40 €
30 days 13.45 € 26.90 €
90 days 36.15 € 72.30 €
365 days 132.10 € 264.20 €


City transportation offices

  Opening hours
Monday - Friday
Opening hours
Hodžovo námestie
(in the underpass)
5:30 - 20:00 8:00 - 16:00
Main train station
(Hlavná stanica)
5:30 - 21:00 8:00 - 16:00
Main bus station
Mlynské Nivy)
5:30 - 21:00 closed
Most SNP bus station
(under the UFO bridge)
6:00 - 18:00 closed
Olejkárska street 1
(next to Eurovea)
6:00 - 21:00 closed


Taxi in Bratislava

If you need to use taxi in Bratislava, just make sure to either use some app, or to negotiate price for your journey before entering the taxi. Otherwise price of your journey might be very expensive.
Most popular apps in Bratislava are Hopin, Uber, Liftago and Taxify.


Public buses

If you travel with public buses in Slovakia on short routes, and you have an ISIC card, you are eligible for a student discount. Just ask bus driver for student ticket, and show your ISIC card.


Public trains

Every student studying in Slovakia (under 26 years) is eleigible for student discount with National railway company and for "Free train card".
Easiest way is to have your ISIC card. In order to get your "Free train card", just visit ticket selling point of National railway company, present your ISIC and ask for "Free train card".

Conditions apply when traveling with "Free train card":

  • You need to carry both your ISIC and "Free train card" when traveling with "Free train card"
  • You have to buy a ticket for 0€ at the ticket selling point.
    • If you travel by a regional train (marked as Os or REX), there is no limit for free tickets issued for each train
    • If you travel by a long-distance train (marked as R, RR, or EC), there is a limit for free tickets issued for each train. Once all free tickets are sold out, you can still buy a ticket for student fare or normal fare.