Are you bored in Bratislava? You have no plans for the weekend? Let us show you what you can do in in the city!


European Night of Scientists

When? 29.9.2017 - 9:00 til 23:00
Where? Slovak National Museum
How much? Free
Event link:

  • Meet with scientists, discover new findings, try various lab equipment, and have fun!

Battle of Bratislava (1620)

When? 30.9.2017 - 11:00 til 19:00
Where? Sad Janka Kráľa (Near Incheba)
How much? Free
Event link:

Uprising lead by Gabriel Bethlen took over Bratislava. Kingdom of Hungary was trying to defeat the uprising, with an unexpected invasion lead by imperial commander Dampierre. Battle lasted from the early morning until 4pm. Imperial army were shooting against city fortification, and Dampierre himself made 3 raids. During the last one, he got shot, and his mercenaries had to retreat back to Vienna.

Funky beats

When? 30.9.2017 - 21:00
Where? KC Dunaj
How much? 5 EUR
Event link:

  • Live music and DJs all night

Nu:dance is 9!

When? 30.9.2017 - 22:00
Where? Nu Spirit club
How much? 10 EUR / 8 EUR before 23:00
Event link:

Night full of Drum & Bass Music

Battle of Bands 2017 - first round

When? 28.9.2017 - 19:00
Where? Randal club
How much? 5 EUR
Event link:

  • 19:30 Drowning Charon
  • 20:15 Verdikt Znie
  • 21:00 Hoväda.Sk
  • 21:45 Partyzáni


Jana Zelibska opening @ Gandy gallery

When? 2.10.2017 - 18:00-20:00
Where? Gandy gallery
How much? Free
Event link:

Exhibition runs from 3 October until 1 December 2017

Gandy gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the second solo show of Jana Želibská held in the gallery. One of the most important female artists of Slovak contemporary art is currently presenting her installation “Swan Song: Now” in Czecho-Slovak Pavilion at 57th Venice Biennale. At the exhibition in Gandy gallery Želibská will show some of her most recent works, especially objects, photos and installations. Likewise in her previous oeuvre, Želibská creates critical works about the current social conditions, but which do not miss a certain sense of humour or irony. The topics she is interested in, are mostly those concerning a woman, her body, its representation and her position in the society. For several years Želibská also examines the subjects connected to the time, its passing and impermanence. Among other presented works, visitors can also see ready-made installations such as Pudding for Two or Choir, both from 2016.


Šarkaniáda - Kite Festival

When? 30.9.2017 - 10:30 til 17:30
Where? Sad Janka Kráľa (Near Incheba)
How much? Free
Event link:

Presentation and competition of kites, and much more...

Day of Bernard beer

When? 4.10.2017 - 17:00
Where? Anywhere where they have Bernard beer on tap
How much? 60 cents / 0.5l

On this day of the year, you can get traditional Czech beer Bernard in all the pubs for just 40 cents!


Revitalisation of public flower garden

When? 30.9.2017 9:30-12:30
Where? Minovíniho street
How much? Free
Event link:

Let's help local volunteers revitalise flower garden on Mikovíniho street. All supplies will be provided, and your help appreciated.

Clean up of the riverfront

When? 4.10.2017 10:00-14:00
Where? Fajnorovo nábrežie
How much? Free
Event link:

Let's help local volunteers clean up the riverfront. All supplies will be provided, and your help appreciated.