The general emergencies number is 112.


Most of the embassies are located either in the Old Town and or in the villa quarters below and above the Castle. Some states have their embassies to Slovakia in Vienna, Prague or Budapest. A current list of embassies and contact numbers can be found at: mzv.sk.


1. READ BEFORE YOU SIGN!!! A common mistake we usually make is not to read a contract before we sign. Obtain a copy of any rules and regulations, make sure you go through everything and before you sign the lease, check to see if these are mentioned:

  • The beginning and the expiration date
  • The rental price and information about your security deposit
  • What are the reasons for which your landlord can terminate your lease contract
  • Are there any penalties for moving out of your apartment before the expiration date?
  • Are there any responsibilities on your head for repairs and such?
  • Is subletting allowed ?
  • See if you have to buy renters insurance, because it will increase you total cost
  • Is there a policy about guest visitors?

2. The normal price range for a room in the city center should go from 250€ to 350€, for a mid-sized room with a window. If somebody is asking you much more than that for a room in not a good condition, far away from the center, think about it twice before taking it.

3.  Do your social media research. You can find facebook groups in which people are offering flats or room to share. But be careful and do not just take a stranger word, always ask for contacts of the landlord.

4. Always be well informed before you are going to rent a flat. Gather as much information as you can about pictures, contract, flatmates, check the adress if it is really existing.

5. GOLDEN RULE: ALWAYS ASK FOR A CONTRACT OR SOME WRITTEN DOCUMENT!!! Please keep it in mind that without signing an official contract never send huge amount of money because in some case of fraud rental properties not just you will not see your money again but you can have some other complications.

6. If you or not trusting to pay and rent in advance we reccomend you to come earlier and stay in a hostel for a couple of weeks to house hunt in person.