Public transportation in Bratislava consists of buses, trolleybuses and trams operated by Dopravný podnik Bratislava (DPB). DPB network is extensive and covers entire city and services are relatively frequent, except for outskirts. While historical center is walkable, public transportation is a good choice if you wish to visit other parts of city, go shopping or need to get from the airport to your hotel.

Good start to planning your journey is website which is also available in English offers timetables of all DPB services, journey planner, network maps and many practical information on public transportation in Bratislava. Please mind, that DPB likes to publish new timetables on last minute (even one evening before they go into effect), so if you planned your journey in advance, remember to check if it's still available before you travel !!!! also offers smartphone app with timetables (available also offline) and journey planner (online only) as well as mobile version of the site which offers real time departures from all stops, including delays. 


Following tickets are most suitable for tourists traveling within Bratislava (all tickets allow transfers): 

  • ticket for 15 minutes costs 0,70€
  • ticket for 30 minutes costs 0,90€
  • ticket for 60 minutes costs 1,20€; this ticket is good for almost all journeys within Bratislava
  • ticket for 24 hours costs 3,50€
  • ticket for 72 hours costs 8,00€
  • ticket for 168 hours costs 11,40€