As we were all waiting for some good competition we decided to organise Paintball to our Erasmus students.

Ice breaking games remained from four games – pass the Apple, drunk penalties, describe the movie and make sound.

First game - pass the apple is a game, which breaks all the ice in the game. The team needs to pass the apple around the team from neck to neck without using their hands (believe me, when I say it was fun to watchlaugh

Bratislava takes its beer just as seriously as its more famous neighbor Prague, and a new wave of independent microbreweries and pubs is putting the city on the beer drinkers map. Event Beer tasting offed a beer experience where we learned about local brewing and developed our own preferences while tasting and identifying flavours in different beer styles.

At the beginning of February more than 80 Erasmus students made a decision to stay in Bratislava for another semester. However a wave of newly incoming Erasmus students has arrived, what had only one meaning: WELCOME DAYS!laugh

Everybody has in the life somebody who is always asking questions. Parents have their curious children. Batman has the Riddler. And Erasmus students have the ESNers.

This January was one of the coldest ones in Bratislava in recent years. Temperatures were falling under -10° C and snowmen could be built for more than six weeks – there was a lot of building materials. We were happy that more than 40 Erasmus students made a decision to stay in Bratislava for another semester, despite this very cold weather. However a wave of newly incoming Erasmus students has arrived, what had only one meaning: WELCOME WEEKEND!

Slovakia has been producing wine for centuries. And even though it is not well known, Slovakian wine makers are acknowledged on many international wine contests as the masters of their craft. Here, in our “little big country”, we have six different wine regions, the most well-known among them is probably the Tokaj. Wine is produced basically everywhere within 50 km radius from Hungarian borders and on southern slopes of Small-Carpathian mountains in Western Slovakia.

The last weekend, three members of the ESN EU participated on the ESN Slovakia National Platform, the first one in this year. The “NP” has taken place from Friday 29 of April till the International Worker’s day, the Sunday 1st of May in one of the oldest city in Slovakia, Nitra. Among more than 40 ESNers, our section was represented by our president Iveta Pavlovčíková and two members Michaela Rojáková and Marián Polášek.

There are a lot of nationalities on our University of Economics. You can find Spanish, Italians, Germans, but also Slovenians, Lithuanians or Finns. How they communicate? Do they have some secret “Erasmus language”? Yes and it is not English. The only common language connecting not just the Erasmus students, but all people all across the world is… FOOD!!!

“Peace” was the main motto of the Metropol Party on Friday, on March 4, which was dedicated to the “Hippies” culture. J However, the next Monday made the biggest opponents even from the best friends. Welcome to the ESN FIFA 16 Tournament.

Erasmus stay is an extraordinary time in life and it is a must to discover your host country. Even that International Sausage Festival in Sládkovičovo was for sure an interesting experience, there is a lot of cities in Slovakia waiting for their visitors. One of the most beautiful ones is the city of Trenčín, lying on the longest Slovak river Váh, about one hour from Bratislava. The trip wasn’t just about the sightseeing of the city’s old town and castle, but also about being a fan on an Ice Hockey match.

On 27th February, ESN EU had decided to organise a trip to International Sausage Festival. Festival took place in Sládkovičovo. It was cold Saturday morning, so ESN team did not expect many people to show up after partying on Friday. To the surprise of everyone, 11 people were brave enough to come and join ESN team.

A new generation of Erasmus students has arrived on the soil of the University of Economics in Bratislava. To introduce them into Erasmus life and the Slovakia, the local ESN EU section has prepared for them a weekend full of amusement events and parties. Let’s take a short look at how it was.